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Do you ever feel like you struggling being present as a parent? Like, no matter how hard you try to be present with your child, you are still thinking about something else. If so, this blog post is for you. All I wanted to be was a present parent. When I was New Age Spirituality, […]

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Do you get distracted easily by your phone while playing with your kids? These are the three best apps to focus so you can be more present with your kids and get more done!  That red notification Have you sat on the floor playing with your kids and noticed your phone light up? Or you […]

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After a long day with the kids, do you ever feel like it was all time wasted and you weren’t as productive as you thought you were? If you are nodding your head yes, check out these three productivity tips for the stay-at-home mom.  No more wasting time It’s 5 pm. The dinner is on […]

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In a world that glorifies being busy all of the time and normalizes being burnt out, what would it look like to slow things down and enjoy a simpler life?

On the podcast, I show you that through by focusing on HOME- habits, organization, mindset, and efficiency. A more purposeful, less overwhelming life is waiting for you, are you ready to take the next step?


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